SAP Consulting

STISYS has conducted successful SAP implementations for organizations of varied size, industry and market sector. This extensive implementation experience covers the breadth of SAP solutions from global ERP instances to niche-specific mobility solutions.

Whether your company is just setting out on the road to SAP implementation or looking for a trusted partner to take your business software integration to the next level, STISYS has the skills, experience and resources necessary to drive SAP success.

Our business-before-IT approach takes your company’s unique requirements into consideration, effectively mapping your SAP implementation lifecycle to achieve unparalleled outcomes with minimum risk and operational disruption.

The challenges facing businesses today are significant and expansive. They require equally significant and expensive solutions to help lower costs, improve efficiency and gain a competitive advantage.

With the right business management software solution in place, your company’s ability to compete in today’s business environment improves drastically. SAP helps you do just that, enabling you to achieve comprehensive process excellence across all lines of business. The benefits of SAP implementation, support, upgrades and enhancements include:

Enhanced visibility, insight and decision-making

SAP helps you improve visibility into operations and provide one single, centralized version of business information for improved decision making. By connecting operations with strategy, your company can create and align plans, budgets and operational reports across all business processes.

Improved efficiency across mission-critical processes

With extended end-to-end processes, SAP helps you increase process integrity as well as business and IT efficiency. The applications encourage collaboration within and across company boundaries, so you can use supply chain and sales information from suppliers, distributors, retailers and customers to improve operations.

Increased flexibility for innovation and expansion

SAP solutions are service-enabled. That means you are free to innovate and add functionality to the software as needed. Enhancement packages replace upgrades to help you innovate and expand without disrupting business. You can compose and design new processes, implement individual applications according to budget and scope, and integrate non-SAP solutions that address niche needs.

Proven, comprehensive support for a long-term competitive edge

SAP is committed to continually enhancing its business management software solutions so that they remain the ideal choice for maintaining competitive agility and attaining operational excellence for large and midsize organizations. Drawing on decades of real-world experiences across a wide range of industries, SAP applications help you create a highly-responsive enterprise that flexibly addresses new marketplace demands, satisfies your customer base and maintains your competitive advantage over the long term.

SAP delivers business management software and services that help accelerate business innovation for its customers. Today, more than 86,000 customers in more than 120 countries run SAP applications — from distinct solutions addressing the needs of small businesses and mid-size companies to comprehensive SAP suite offerings for global organizations.

SAP Basis Administration

We strive to provide best-in-class, cost-effective solutions tailored by service line to address specific business issues. Our experienced SAP consultants guide businesses in harnessing the latest technologies for operating flexibly and generating business value at every turn. We provide comprehensive support and security for SAP Basis operations.

  • Application Management Services
  • SAP Package Technologies
  • Systems Integration
  • Technology Strategy & Architecture

STISYS provides a range of services related to SAP Basis Administration designed to help you derive maximum utility from the powerful SAP platform. SAP Basis troubleshooting may involve reaching inside the database or going outside the SAP environment. Across the board, our SAP consultants bring a broad conceptual and technical understanding of SAP and deep experience working with mid-market and enterprise clients. You can rely on STISYS to maintain the integrity and performance of your SAP systems 24/7 and to support and educate users to help maximize return on investment.

  • Application development & support
  • Functional & system support
  • Enhancement projects & system upgrades
  • Remote system monitoring
  • Performance level reporting
  • Periodic system performance audits